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SUANFARMA and Reyoung Pharmaceutical Partner in Anti-Infective and Antibacterial API Production

In a groundbreaking development, SUANFARMA, a leading B2B life science partner specializing in pharmaceutical, veterinary, and nutraceutical ingredient production, has joined forces with Reyoung Pharmaceutical, a prominent manufacturer of active ingredients with a legacy dating back to 1966. This historic agreement is poised to transform the landscape of anti-infective and antibacterial Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) production.

The collaboration between these two industry giants represents a strategic partnership, bringing together SUANFARMA’s advanced technological capabilities and Reyoung Pharmaceutical’s well-established reputation for manufacturing excellence and extensive global export experience. The primary focus of this partnership will be on producing critical anti-infective and antibacterial APIs, essential for safeguarding public health.

In today’s dynamic pharmaceutical landscape, characterized by supply chain disruptions and shortages, ensuring the availability of these essential therapeutic products has become paramount. Both SUANFARMA and Reyoung recognize the urgency of this need and have united their strengths to address it effectively.

SUANFARMA’s commitment to health and innovation is evident in its dedication to producing high-quality raw materials that comply with the strict regulatory standards set by organizations such as the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Furthermore, the company places a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility, incorporating green chemistry practices and prioritizing environmental protection. Their Research and Development (R&D) team actively works on developing technologies that maximize process efficiency and incorporate cutting-edge active ingredients into their product portfolio.

One of SUANFARMA’s groundbreaking innovations is its application of Flow Chemistry technology. This pioneering approach not only enhances yields, selectivity, and process reproducibility but also reduces reaction times and minimizes the need for reagents and solvents. This results in a reduced environmental footprint and increased safety, with a lower risk of hazardous reagent accidents.

Mr. Xie, Vice-President of Reyoung Pharmaceutical, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “We are thrilled to join forces with SUANFARMA as we embark on this transformative collaboration, which marries innovation with exceptional product delivery. This alliance marks the beginning of an exciting journey, and we are confident that our collaboration will deliver immense value to our customers and partners by harnessing the unique strengths and capabilities of each organization.”

Javier Calvo, R&D Director at SUANFARMA, echoed this sentiment, stating, “This important strategic agreement between Reyoung and SUANFARMA highlights our shared commitment to technology-driven innovation and maximizing efficiency in order to provide superior products to the patients. Reyoung’s exceptional partnership as our ally strengthens our global position, marking the first milestone in what we anticipate will be an immensely promising collaboration between our organizations.”

This historic agreement is expected to herald a new era in pharmaceutical ingredient production, with a strong focus on delivering superior products for the benefit of patients worldwide. Both SUANFARMA and Reyoung are fully committed to enhancing human and animal health, with a sustainable approach to disease prevention.


Founded in 1993, SUANFARMA is a B2B life science partner specializing in the development, production, and commercialization of ingredients for the pharmaceutical, veterinary, and nutraceutical industries. SUANFARMA is dedicated to innovation and sustainability in the healthcare sector.


Christiana Gobina (BPharm)

Pharmacist Christiana holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree (BPharm) from the University of Ilorin. She is a dedicated healthcare professional with passion for Pharmacovigilance and medication safety particularly in underserved communities.
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