Study Links Wegovy and Ozempic to Sight-Threatening Eye Disorder

    Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Recalls Potassium Chloride Extended-Release Capsules Due to Failed Dissolution

    Diabetes Test Less Reliable In Black Patients

    Chinese Police Probe Drug-Related Money Laundering Operation After U.S. Tip

    A History of Herd Immunity: What You Need to Know

    Roche Partners with Ascidian Therapeutics to Develop Gene Therapies

    FDA Approves Merck’s New Pneumococcal Vaccine for Adults

    FDA Places Zentalis’ Cancer Drug Studies on Partial Hold After Patient Deaths

    Ascentage Pharma and Takeda Sign $1.3 Billion Global Licensing Agreement for Cancer Drug

    Medication Management Basics: A New Nurse’s Guide to Drug Safety

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