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Gastroparesis Treatment Market to Reach USD 11.09 Billion by 2030

Infinium Global Research, a leading market research firm, has recently released a comprehensive report on the Gastroparesis Treatment Market. The report delves deep into various segments and sub-segments in the global and regional gastroparesis treatment market, offering valuable insights into market trends, forecasts, and monetary values.

The global gastroparesis treatment market, valued at USD 8.20 Billion in 2022, is projected to reach USD 11.09 Billion by 2030, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 3.3% during the forecast period.

Gastroparesis, A Growing Concern

Gastroparesis, a debilitating condition characterized by delayed stomach emptying, is most commonly associated with diabetes. Elevated blood glucose levels can result in nerve chemical alterations and damage to blood vessels that supply nerves with oxygen and nutrients. Idiopathic Gastroparesis (IG), a condition with various potential causes, further underscores the need for effective treatments. Patients with IG may experience nerve damage, muscle problems, or other medical conditions, such as scleroderma, amyloidosis, and lupus, necessitating effective Gastroparesis treatment.

Driving Factors and Challenges

The report highlights the increasing prevalence of diabetes and idiopathic gastroparesis, particularly among the elderly population, as a significant driver for the expansion of the Gastroparesis Treatment Market. The aging demographic faces challenges in oral medication absorption, appetite regulation, and post-meal blood sugar fluctuations, creating a demand for effective treatments. However, it’s important to note that the use of Gastroparesis drugs may come with side effects, including fatigue, nausea, vomiting, sleepiness, depression, anxiety, and physical movement problems. These side effects may hinder market growth, but the emergence of personalized treatment approaches offers the potential to mitigate these challenges, making treatments more tolerable for patients.

Regional Trends

•          North America Leads the Way: North America holds the largest market share in the Gastroparesis Treatment Market, primarily due to its advanced healthcare infrastructure, robust research and development initiatives, and well-established reimbursement systems. The region’s high prevalence of gastroparesis cases, often linked to conditions like diabetes and post-surgical complications, further drives demand for effective therapies. Additionally, the growing aging population’s susceptibility to gastroparesis and the increasing focus on healthcare technologies contribute to North America’s dominant position in the Gastroparesis Treatment Market.

•          Asia Pacific’s Rapid Growth: In contrast, the Asia Pacific region has emerged as the fastest-growing market for Gastroparesis treatment. Rapid urbanization and economic growth have contributed to this growth. For instance, India has witnessed an increase in gastroparesis cases, particularly diabetes-related gastroparesis, due to changing dietary habits. Pharmaceutical companies are expanding their presence in Asia Pacific, providing innovative treatments and meeting the rising demand for Gastroparesis treatment in the region.

Segmentation and Key Players

The report on the global gastroparesis treatment market covers various segments, including type, drug class, treatment, and distribution channel. Types include diabetic, idiopathic, post-surgical, and others. Drug classes encompass prokinetic drugs, antiemetics, botulinum toxin injection, antidepressants, and others. Treatment options consist of jejunostomy, gastric electric stimulation, parenteral nutrition, diabetic gastroparesis, post-operative gastroparesis, and others. Distribution channels encompass retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, and others.

Key companies profiled in the report include Medtronic, Neurogastrx, Inc., Endologic, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, Theravance Biopharma, EVOKE PHARMA, Cedars-Sinai, GSK plc, CinDome Pharma, Inc., and Processa Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


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