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Are X-Change Pills Real?

Is X-Change Pill real?

Anecdotal evidence indicates that X-Change is a fictional pill that lets people instantly change their gender. The basic premise of the “X-Change Pill” is that there is a little pink pill that can transform your body to the opposite sex, by default (“Basic”) lasting 8-24 hours and preventing pregnancies. Variants include X-Tra Strength and Resistance. By convention, these captions follow a very particular format and visual style, as you’ll see.

X-Change pills come in three colors: pink, blue, and purple. Pink pills transform men into women, blue pills transform women into men. Purple pills are mix and match, allowing women to have penises, men to have vaginas, or any other desired combination of gender and sex. Transformation happens within seconds.

Pink pills are by far the most common variety and, unless specified otherwise, assume this wiki is talking about Pink pills.



X-Change’s hallmark product. They’re affordable and dosages typically last 24 hours or less, after which you turn back. It’s impossible to get pregnant on Basic and the pill provides STD protection.

X-Tra Strength

These are more expensive and dosages typically last 30 days. It is possible to become pregnant on X-Tra Strength, but the chance of that happening is very low. If it does, the transformation becomes permanent. If you take 12 X-Tra Strength pills back-to-back without interruption, the transformation also becomes permanent.


This is the very expensive deluxe pill. Once taken, the transformation becomes permanent with no way to turn back. For all intents and purposes, you’re indistinguishable from any other person of that gender, pros and cons included.


There are a wide variety of specialty pills that do various things on top of the ones listed above. These have been created by the community over time. Pills consist of Color + Duration + Flavor. What these do in detail and how they work is usually left up to the authors themselves.



You become a hypersexualized version of the target gender.


Bodily fluids (think oral sex, kissing) are vastly improved and can taste like candy.


These come in linked pairs. The first pill will cause the transformation, the second pill will reverse the transformation. Only the paired pill work, so if you lose it, you’re out of luck.


Special order pills (usually requires DNA from the target) that transform you into a specific person.


Temporary pill where every time you climax, the duration gets extended. For example: If you have a 24-hour Continue and have an orgasm, it will last another 24 hours. If it happens too often, the effect becomes permanent.


This is a catch-all for caption creators to use for pills that don’t have their own named flavors yet and do something unique. Anything goes.


You still get horny but you can’t climax for the duration.


Doesn’t physically change you but lets you have a lucid dream as the target gender.


Once the transformation is complete, you won’t remember that you took an X-Change. You think you’ve always been like that.


Knockoffs are cheap, unofficial versions of X-Change Pills, usually with severe side effects.


Special order pill (usually requires DNA from someone) that “links” you to them and you’ll only be able to climax with that partner.


Greatly improves how much you enjoy using your mouth on things.


Especially powerful orgasms.


Temporary pill but if you have climax, there’s a chance it becomes permanent. Varying likelihoods.


You gain a lot more weight along with the transformation.


Clothing or items infused with X-Change. Transformation lasts as long as you wear the items.

Vagina Only Pills


Temporary pill that greatly increases fertility. If you are impregnated, the transformation becomes permanent. (Counterpart to Bull)


Allows you to become pregnant but you turn back afterward.

Penis Only Pills


Greatly increased potency of your semen. (Counterpart to Breeder)


You can only get an erection/c-max through anal sex.


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