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Virgin Pulse and HealthComp Announce $3 Billion Merger Plan

Virgin Pulse, a digital health and wellness company, has announced its plans to merge with HealthComp, a health benefits administrator, in a $3 billion deal. This merger is aimed at creating an extensive health technology and data platform for employers, with the objective of enhancing health outcomes, reducing costs, and empowering members of healthcare plans. Virgin Pulse’s digital health platform, Homebase for Health, utilizes artificial intelligence and behavioral science to support individuals in managing their mental, physical, and social well-being. HealthComp, on the other hand, is recognized as the largest independent health plan administrator for self-funded employer groups in the United States and provides analytics software to its clients. The combined entity will offer an innovative and flexible health plan that encompasses various aspects, including plan design, management, payment integrity, health navigation, preventative care, and digital therapeutics, all delivered through Homebase for Health. This merger is expected to simplify the complexities and challenges in the healthcare benefits sector, providing cost-effective and personalized solutions.

If the merger proceeds as planned, it has the potential to create a new paradigm in the health industry by addressing the dual challenge of reducing costs and improving member outcomes. Chris Michalak, Virgin Pulse’s CEO, who will also lead the combined company, emphasized the mission of both companies to engage users proactively, making health and well-being more accessible, affordable, and personalized. The goal is to address issues of waste, friction, and preventable risk within the healthcare sector, which lead to unmet needs and rising costs.

The merger is anticipated to be finalized before the end of the year, pending regulatory approval. Once completed, it will establish a combined entity with over 20 million members, representing approximately 1,000 self-insured employers throughout the United States. With nearly half of the nation’s healthcare expenditures funded by self-insured employers, there is a growing demand for innovative and cost-effective solutions in the healthcare sector. Existing investors, including New Mountain Capital, Blackstone, and Morgan Health, will jointly own the new company, with New Mountain Capital holding the majority share.

Virgin Pulse’s expansion of its Homebase for Health platform, through partnerships such as with Headspace, signifies a commitment to offering comprehensive well-being solutions, including psychiatric and therapy services, clinical care, behavioral health coaching, and employee assistance programs. This merger marks a significant step toward transforming healthcare benefits and improving health and wellness for employees and plan members.

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