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How Long Does Pre-Seed Last Inside You?

What is a Pre-Seed lubricant?

Pre-seed lubricant is a fertility-friendly intimate lubricate for couples trying to conceive. It has been formulated to mimic naturally occurring fertile cervical mucus. It is sperm friendly and will not harm or impede sperm and so is safe to use when you are trying to conceive.

This FDA-approved “fertility-friendly” lubricant developed by an American sperm physiologist Dr. Joanna Ellington, has a pH-balanced to match fertile cervical mucus as well as the pH of his sperm, so it won’t hurt your odds of conceiving.

The pre-seed lubricant contains the following ingredients:

  • Purified water
  • Hydroxyethylcellulose
  • Pluronic
  • Sodium chloride
  • Sodium phosphate
  • Carbomer
  • Methylparaben
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Arabinogalactan
  • Potassium Phosphate
  • Propylparaben.

Preseed was the first ever fertility lubricant that was approved by the FDA to claim that is ‘safe for use when trying to conceive after the FDA reviewed Preseed safety studies. Preseed lube does not harm sperm or embryos and is safe to use when you are trying to get pregnant.

How does Pre-seed lubricant work?

Pre-seed lubricant can help you to conceive by relieving vaginal dryness safely and without harming sperm. Most popular sex lubricants including saliva are not sperm friendly and may reduce your chances of conceiving.

How does Pre-seed lube help you get pregnant?

The pH, osmolality, and consistency of Preseed lubricant have been made to mimic fertile cervical mucus. This helps the sperm to move freely through the vagina and cervix.

There are published studies that show Pre-Seed is beneficial when trying to conceive.

When to use Pre-Seed

•          You only need to use it on the approach to and during the fertile time of the month. For the rest of the month use your normal water-based lubricant as long as it is not spermicidal, which will probably work out cheaper for you. If you prefer to you can use Pre-seed all month.

•          If you are using the lubricant via the vaginal applicator many women have found it is best to apply it about 15 minutes prior to intercourse.

How Long Does Pre Seed Last Inside You

How to use Pre-Seed

•          You can either use it just as an external lubricant at the time of foreplay and intercourse or you can apply it via the vaginal applicators prior to intercourse, or you may use a combination of both. It really depends on how much natural lubrication there is. If you have good natural lubrication once you are aroused you may find that you do not need to use the applicators at all.

•          You can apply Pre-seed lubricant to yourself or your partner during foreplay in the same way as you would with a normal lubricant.

How to fill the Pre-seed vaginal applicators

•          Before you start, take the time to read the instructions at your leisure and familiarise yourself with the applicators and the tube.

•          Make sure the applicator plunger is fully in before you start

•          Take the lid off the tube of Pre-Seed (make sure to put it somewhere safe as you must replace it after use or the lubricant will dry out)

•          Twist the vaginal applicator onto the threads of the Pre-Seed tube and then squeeze the lubricant into the applicator

•          It is best to squeeze from the bottom so that you don’t waste any of the lubricants

•          How much you choose to use is up to you. The first time we suggest that you fill it up to the 3g fill line and then you will know if this is right or too much, or too little.

•          Unscrew the tube from the applicator. Hold the applicator upright while doing this to avoid the lubricant leaking out.

•          Put the cap back on the tube

•          Now gently insert the vaginal applicator into the vagina until it is  about halfway in

•          Then slowly push the plunger to release the lubricant. Do not rush this.

•          Throw the applicator away after use. It is very important not to re-use the vaginal applicators as this could cause infection.

How to apply Pre-seed without an applicator

If you do not have any applicators left but you still have some Pre-Seed left in the tube then use it as an external lubricant and apply it to your partner or yourself using your fingers.

How much Pre-Seed to put in the applicator

•          It is really a matter of trial and error and finding what works best for you.

•          The ideal scenario is for it to provide lubrication without providing so much lubrication that the man is under-stimulated and has difficulty getting to orgasm.

•          Many women find that between the 2-3g fill line is best

Can you use too much Pre-Seed lube?

Pre-seed lubricant will not interfere with sperm or conception however you should just use enough that it provides good lubrication without overdoing it.

How Long Does Pre Seed Last Inside You

How long does Pre-seed last inside you?

This will vary from person to person depending on how active you are and whether you have a bath, swim, etc. For it to be most effective it is best to not apply the Pre-Seed more than 15 minutes before intercourse and to stay in laid down in bed afterward to give the sperm the best chance possible.

Usually, the sperm reaches the egg within 15 to 45 minutes of ejaculation. However, the process could be much longer than that if you haven’t ovulated yet by the time you have sex because sperm can live inside a reproductive tract and wait for an egg for up to five days.

Avoid douching while using Pre-Seed because it can affect the way the lubricant works. Studies show that women who douche have a more difficult time getting pregnant than those who don’t. For example, douching increases the risk of an infection called bacterial vaginosis or BV which decreases fertility. Another study showed that douching can decrease fertility by up to 50% in younger women.


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