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G-Dragon Triumphs: K-Pop Icon Cleared of Drug Allegations in Stunning Police Decision

In a recent turn of events, South Korean police have officially cleared K-Pop sensation G-Dragon, also known as Kwon Ji-yong, of allegations related to illegal drug use. This development comes amidst an intensified government crackdown on illegal drugs under the administration of conservative President Yoon Suk Yeol.

The Incheon Metropolitan Police, responsible for the investigation, opted not to press charges against the former leader of the renowned K-pop group BIGBANG. According to reports from Yonhap News Agency on Tuesday, the decision was made as the authorities failed to secure testimonies supporting the allegations against the singer and rapper.

Despite attempts to reach out to the police and G-Dragon for immediate comments, Reuters faced difficulties in obtaining responses on Wednesday.

G-Dragon, not only a prominent figure in the K-Pop scene but also recognized as a fashion muse and prolific songwriter, vehemently denied the accusations from the outset. Last month, he voluntarily appeared at a police station for questioning to assert his innocence. In a recent sit-down interview with Yonhap News TV, the 35-year-old star once again refuted any involvement in illegal drug use, emphasizing negative drug test results as evidence of his clean record.

“I have never used drugs, received or given drugs from or to anyone,” G-Dragon asserted during the interview, standing firm against the allegations that had cast a shadow over his reputation.

This incident occurs against a backdrop of heightened scrutiny on drug-related charges in South Korea, with authorities intensifying efforts to address the issue. Recent arrests, including those of chaebol heirs and celebrities, have spurred a rigorous crackdown on narcotics, leading to increased customs inspections similar to the Philippine war on drugs. South Korea, known for its stringent drug laws, imposes severe penalties, with crimes typically carrying a minimum sentence of six months in prison and up to 14 years for repeat offenders and drug dealers. G-Dragon’s exoneration serves as a significant development in the ongoing efforts to uphold the country’s strict stance on drug offenses.


Joan David-Leonhard

Joan David Leonhard is a recent Pharm.D graduate with a strong passion for the pharmaceutical industry and a particular interest in pharmaceutical media and communication. Her brief internship experience includes roles in pharmacy where she built strong patient-pharmacist relationships and a pharmaceutical media internship where she actively contributed to drug information articles, blog posts, social media engagement, and various media projects.
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