How to Use Erceflora, Dosage, Benefits, Side Effects, Interaction

What is Erceflora?

Erceflora is a probiotic supplement that contains the spores of Bacillus clausii, a type of bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics. It helps replenish and support the normal flora of the gut in particular and increasing the immunity of the entire body in general.

Your body is full of colonies of harmless bacteria known as microbiota. Most of these bacteria have a positive effect on your health and contribute to your body’s natural processes. But when one of these bacterial colonies is out of balance, it can lead to an imbalance in the microbiota, changes in their functional composition and metabolic activities, or a shift in their local distribution. These produce several symptoms some of which include abdominal pain or cramping, B12, other vitamin or mineral deficiencies, constipation, and diarrhea.

Erceflora is used for the treatment of the following conditions:

  • Acute diarrhea with a duration of 14 days or less due to infections, drugs, or poisons.
  • Adjunctive treatment to help restore intestinal bacterial flora that has been altered by antibiotic or chemotherapy treatments.
  • Chronic or persistent diarrhea with a duration of more than 14 days.
  • Treatment and prophylaxis of intestinal flora imbalance and resulting endogenous dysvitaminosis.
  • Treatment of acute and chronic gastrointestinal disorders in breast-feeding infants caused by intoxication or intestinal flora imbalance with dysvitaminosis.

However, Erceflora is not a good medication for vomiting as studies have shown that it has no effect on either vomiting or duration of fever.

Erceflora is a very popular probiotic supplement in the Philippines and many Asian countries.

Each 5 ml vial of Erceflora contains 2 billion Bacillus clausii spores.

How it works

Erceflora has antimicrobial and immunomodulatory properties due to the action of Bacillus clausii. This supports its use for the treatment and prevention of intestinal bacterial flora disorders. The Bacillus clausii in Erceflora is an aerobic, spore-forming bacterium and works by overcoming the gastric acid barrier due to its high resistance to both chemical and physical agents, and its ability to reach the intestinal tract intact where they are transformed into metabolically active vegetative cells that colonize the intestine even in the presence of antibiotics. This helps Erceflora to restore the balance of good bacteria in the intestine that may get upset after antibiotic use or due to intestinal infections.


How to use Erceflora

Erceflora comes in a liquid form. Follow the directions on your prescription label carefully, and ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain any part you do not understand.

Adult: The recommended dose of Erceflora for an adult is 3 vials per day taken at regular intervals (3-4 hours apart).

Children: The recommended dose of Erceflora for a child is 1-2 vials per day in divided doses depending on the age and severity of the condition. Erceflora can be used by children aged 6 Months to 12 Years.

Take Erceflora exactly as directed. Do not take more or less of it or take it more often than prescribed by your doctor.

How long you will take Erceflora depends on the reason why the medication was prescribed for you and your response to treatment. In general, you may need to use Erceflora for between 10 to 90 days depending on your condition.

How to prepare Erceflora Oral Suspension   

Shake Erceflora Oral Suspension well before use because some particles may be seen at the bottom which is completely normal.

To open the Erceflora vial, twist and pull off the top to expose the content

Dilute the contents of the ampule into a glass of water or other beverage such as juice, milk, formula, or tea, to make your Erceflora doses more pleasant to drink. Your doctor might recommend mixing them with sweetened water.

Consume the entire content of the bottle immediately to prevent contamination. Do not take more or less of it or take it more often than prescribed by your doctor.

Can a pregnant or breastfeeding take Erceflora?

Yes, Erceflora is safe to take if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. In fact, taking them during pregnancy has been linked to benefits like fewer pregnancy complications, reduced risk of eczema in babies, and improved markers of metabolic health in expectant mothers.

Can I take Erceflora and Yakult probiotic milk together?

No, taking Erceflora and Yakult probiotic milk together can affect how both of them work. Yakult is fermented with the bacteria strain Lactobacillus casei Shirota, so it’s best to allow Bacillus clausii in Erceflora to finish its job before introducing another probiotic into the body.

Erceflora side effects

Erceflora is likely to be safe for most people, but there are some points to consider before using them or increasing the intake.

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health note that while probiotics like Erceflora are likely safe for those in good health, these bacteria may pose a risk to people with weakened immune systems or other health issues.

These people may face the risk of:

  • antibiotic resistance
  • harmful substances being released into the body
  • infection

Erceflora may cause the following side effects:

  • Hypersensitivity reactions including rash, urticaria, and angioedema.

Discuss with your doctor, healthcare provider, or pediatrician before taking Erceflora or giving one to your child. Erceflora might interfere with medicines you may be taking. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, still check with your provider before taking the supplement.


Dr. Oche Otorkpa PG Cert, MPH, PhD

Dr. Oche is a seasoned Public Health specialist who holds a post graduate certificate in Pharmacology and Therapeutics, an MPH, and a PhD both from Texila American University. He is a member of the International Society of Substance Use Professionals and a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health in the UK. He authored two books: "The Unseen Terrorist," published by AuthorHouse UK, and "The Night Before I Killed Addiction."
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